The use of virtual reality (VR) applications has to be considered a powerful and valid tool to aid the work of clinician, doctor, specialist or psychotherapist.

It is not the treatment itself, but an important and sometimes decisive factor in the treatment process.

VR applications find are widely used in the evaluation, screening, monitoring and training processes due to their important peculiarity: allowing an experience that is completely similar to the real one, but in a protected environment.

Below our flagship products representative of some of the possible fields of application.


Your voice assistant for ED-evaluation of psychotherapies and/or psychopharmacological treatments-general screening
Chiara is a very easy to use interface, always available, between therapist and patient. Talking with a virtual avatar lowers the common defenses and difficulties of a real interview, ...


Drugs Immersion for drug abuse treatment, prevention and screening paths
DRIM has multiple applications and responds to different needs in the treatment, prevention and screening paths concerning the issue of use, abuse and dependence on substances and/or addictive behaviors...


Relaxation for anxiety & chronic-acute pain
This virtual environment, a Zen garden, allows the subject, through the visual, acoustic and kinesthetic experience, to live moments of relaxation and inner stillness ...



A training day on immersive technologies for Health Care
A day of updating and training held by three international Virtual Healthcare Experts, for operators in the medical field...

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