Your voice assistant for ED-evaluation of psychotherapies and/or psychopharmacological treatments-general screening

Voice Assistants are part of our daily life since a while. Chiara is an easy to use interface available at any time, between therapist and patient.

Talking with a virtual avatar lowers the common defenses and difficulties of a real interview, allowing greater freedom and spontaneity during the questioning and answering phases.

It allows the patient to choose the most appropriate time to deal with their progress or difficulties, without waiting for an appointment with the referring clinician. It also offers the clinician useful material for monitoring and for choosing the most useful and most suited to the patient’s interventions promptly and over time.

It acts as a conversational filter and first intervention, managing to discriminate between anxious requests, to which it is able to give direct and effective answers, and requests that, on the other hand, require medical intervention.

It COMBINES the optimization of the clinician’s time with the legitimate needs of the patient to feel followed and listened to in the times and ways that meet their needs. It OFFERS the clinician the opportunity and the advantage of following and monitoring, with an optimization of times, the continuation of a set therapeutic program.

Through the use of Chiara, you will be able to have a timely and accurate assessment of the validity and efficacy of the current therapeutic program and make the necessary changes at the most appropriate time.

CHIARA for PSYCHOTHERAPIES or psycho-pharmacological TREATMENTS and screening

Any psycho-pharmacological treatment is affected by the specific personality and the life’s moment that the patient goes through (and many other variables that influence its effectiveness).

Chiara, our virtual conversational assistant, allows you to monitor the patient and get all his/her doubts, questions and observations especially during the first phases of a treatment.

It offers an initial answer to many of the doubts that any patient may have when undertaking psycho-pharmacological treatments.

It resolves anxious questions and thus improves patient compliance with the proposed treatments.

It allows a punctual and rapid intervention, being able to discriminate from the patient’s conversational material, the situations or symptoms reported, which require an intervention to modify the original therapeutic plan.

It combines in the most effective way, the optimization of the treatment phases, allowing the patient to feel the constant attention of the clinician.

Once a psychotherapy is ended or during a psychotherapeutic treatment, there is a double need:

  • a constant follow-up to be maintained for an adequate period of time, to follow the patients in their progress
  • an alert for any daily impasse

Chiara fully fulfills this need, allowing the patient to feel listened to,exactly when he/her really need it and allows the clinician to maintain an effective and punctual attention to the more or less adequate behaviors and responses that the patient could adopt in reaction of every daily problem. It provides an otherwise impossible picture of how the subject moves, outside the therapeutic setting, in his or her living environment.

Another aspect, of considerable value, lies in the possibility, through the interview with our Voice Assistant, to assess whether there are risk factors for the development of a psychopathology for the subject who is experiencing it.

In this case, the subject may have the immediate indication to contact specialized clinicians to deepen the picture.

This function becomes particularly useful if you want to work in PREVENTION and SCREENING programs even on large groups of the population, such as, for example, a regional territory. Based on the results, any prevention activity or project will become much more effective.

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