Relaxation for anxiety and chronic-acute pain

This virtual environment, a Zen garden, guides the subject, through a visual, acoustic and kinetic experience, to live moments of relaxation and inner stillness.

It becomes particularly useful, as supported by extensive international literature, for all the cases of CHRONIC OR ACUTE PAIN in which it is necessary to raise the pain threshold to improve the state of the subject.

The neurophysiological mechanism on which its effectiveness is based is known as the “brain distraction“. Basically our brain, if “distracted” by other stimuli, automatically raises its pain threshold and the subject immediately benefits from it, without the use of important drugs.

Research shows, with evidence, a significant reduction in the use of pain relievers, even opioids, by up to 60%.

Having a VR experience in our Zen Garden, therefore, allows you to raise the threshold of your response to states of anxiety and states of organic pain.

Its use, in the home environment, allows the subject to have a valid and easy-to-use tool available when needed.

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