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The VR applications have proved to be effective in solving various types of pathology.

It is a very powerful tool when inserted in a treatment path that provides an adequate psychotherapeutic approach to ensure the stability of symptom remission.

All programs are supervised by the Scientific Direction and may also include adequate psychopharmacological therapy.

Depending on the cases taken in charge, the VR environments will be composed of different sessions, for instance a session of VR exposure to the environmental stimuli characteristic of a given pathology, then a relaxation session in the VR environment and possibly “aversive” sessions in the VR environment, with the goal to increase awareness of the consequences of a pathological or risky behavior.

Each VR session is always followed by an in-depth section with expert psychotherapists.

Basic treatment programs may include:


The average expected duration for this phase is 4 weeks. If appropriate a path of psychotherapy can also be initiated (cognitive-behavioral or analytical) for at least 6 months


The average expected duration for this phase is 2 weeks.


Exposure to VR environments has also proven its effectiveness in specific training programs for operators who will be exposed, in real life, to particularly stressful, difficult and risky situations, such as, military people on mission, civil protection, police officers, firefighters, etc.

Having the opportunity to experiment dangerous and very stressful situations, in a protected and guided VR environment allow the subject to test and refine his/her reactions, to protect his/her life and to guarantee an effective result of his/her professional work.

The average expected duration for this phase is 2 weeks.

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