Your voice assistant for ED-evaluation of psychotherapies and/or psychopharmacological treatments-general screening

Chiara is a very easy to use interface, always available, between therapist and patient. Talking with a virtual avatar lowers the common defenses and difficulties of a real interview, allowing greater freedom and spontaneity during the questioning and answering phases…


Drugs Immersion for drug abuse treatment, prevention and screening paths

DRIM has multiple applications and responds to different needs in the treatment, prevention and screening paths concerning the issue of use, abuse and dependence on substances and / or addictive behaviors.
For the entire period of exposure in the virtual environment, the subject will be followed and monitored by the therapist who on the basis of the responses and changes in physiological parameters, such as heartbeat, breathing rate, blood pressure, etc.. Thanks to that he will have a rich and current material on the basis of which he will be able to compare and discuss with the subject, at the end of the VR experience….

VRforCARE at SMAU – Innovation and startup

11th-12th of October, 2022 Milan

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